Who We Are

Boydak International is the sole vehicle for Boydak Holding Furniture group’s Istikbal, Bellona and Mondi brands of home furniture beyond Turkey. The company exercises great care in taking Turkey’s leading home furniture brands to consumers across the globe so that the quality of product and service is uncompromised. Boydak International acts as the guardian and representative of each brand, exercising brand specific growth policies based on market specific needs.

Under the auspices of Boydak International, Istikbal brand home Furniture has come to be known and loved by millions of consumers in 80 countries with over 2000 sales points, of which 200 are exclusive showrooms outside of Turkey. In fact independent brand awareness research carried out in various countries have shown Istikbal to be the best known Furniture brand in Azerbaycan and Lebanon and the third in Greece and Morocco. Considering the short number of years Istikbal has been pursuing growth globally, the achievement is no small feat.

Bellona has achieved steady growth in Italy, Bosnia, Romania, Azerbaycan, Russia and is now working on growth throughout Europe and Middle East. Boydak International introduced Bellona to global markets as the trendsetter quality home Furniture brand. The dynamic combination has been a successful hit in each of the local markets it has targeted. Under the carefully constructed entry and dispersion strategies of Boydak International, Bellona has achieved remarkable success in each new market.

In line with its responsibility for fostering the success of each brand under its charge, Boydak International carefully studies each brands strengths and weaknesses against competitors at local level. Applying data and experience to pinpoint opportunities and avert threats inherent in each market is the next step. The company’s knowledge of the industry, from the manufacturing side to the marketing, spanning out to country specific market information, kneaded with hands on experience lay the ground work for building our way into the most important place on earth, your home.

Our mission is to make Istikbal, Bellona and Mondi brands the preferred home Furniture brands of consumers the World over. While each brand will follow their own path we will make sure that each interaction with the consumer is a positive one. Be it through chains, corners or exclusive stores, the experience will be positive.


Our History